DCC134 with playback problem

I have a problem with a DCC134 that I have purchased. It came mint in the original box

with all original stuff that came with a new device. It looks like it has not been used (much).
It wouldn’t play properly, of course, so I installed a new belt from a collection that I know works. Unfortunately, it still has the same problem.
I have manually checked the working of the tape transport and it works good. Camwheel works ok for the 3 modes etc.
Here is a video of the problem:

I am kind of stuck right now. Does anyone know what I could try next?

Are you sure the belt is ok? If it is too tight, this behavior does occur (constant A/B flipping).

Could also be the opto sensors that need cleaning on the board.


Hi Ralf,

I’m quite sure the belt is ok. It is from a batch I use all the time for these players and they all perform beautiful with it. It surely is not too tight.
I have actually already cleaned the optical sensors, it did not fix it. :disappointed:

Is the Side A-B switch still ok? This breaks a lot as it is very small when assembling again.
Do you have a spare motor to test?


Do you mean this part?


Yes, it is ok, I am always very careful with it and make sure it is aligned with the mechanism.

I have some spare 170’s, is that the same motor? Probably.
Do you suspect the motor is defect?
Hmmm, never replaced the motor.


Yes that is the switch. I would do the motor next. The 170 can be used. I have replaced 2. So far.
2 tiny screws hold the entire engine. Accessible on the inside of the lid.


Hi Ralf,

Apparently I haven’t got a spare 170 that is so bad that it can be dismantled… :roll_eyes:
That is good news, but bad news for the 134. He will have to wait. Will keep you informed.

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Ok, it was just a suggestion to try.
If you need any parts let us know.


Thanks Ralf.

I have an 170 that needed a new belt, so I had it open anyway.
I took the motor and installed it into the 134.
Unfortunately, no success. It still reverses after a few seconds like in the video.

Oh, and FYI:
The 170 motor installed causes the 134 to not show direction anymore in the display, i.e. it keeps saying ‘side A’.
Weird. As if this motor has different interface somehow on the pins. It does spin however.