DCC130 problem

I scored a pretty nice looking DCC130 but have some problems getting it working.
After charging the battery the first time the screen lid up but it would not play, I could hear the motor engaging and stopping again - most likely needs a new belt. And after a few seconds it turned off again
But today it won’t turn on at all. I checked the battery with a multimeter and it is charged.
I thought to try a power adapter but unfortunately my universal one doesn’t have a barrel plug that fits into the DCC130.

Any ideas? Cap replacement?

Both caps and belt will need to be replaced. Assuming it has not been done before.
Bad caps can also cause tripping the fuse on the power board. You can find that fuse immediately next to the power connector when opening the player. You can also look for it in the service manual. If the engine did spin, there is still hope for this player.

Thanks Ralf,

Which caps would I need as a replacement?


There are several on the audio board and one on the board beneath.
Some instructions can be taken from this video about the Victor and Panasonic as they are the same machine.

I do not have the values at hand as we are moving right now.

OK, thanks, I’ll check the videos out.