DCC130 not playing digital tapes but when playing analog tapes it is playing fast

Hi. I have a DCC130 that does not play DCC tapes but will still play ACC tapes at high speed. I had bought it restored and was working fine a couple of months before.

Who restored it? Is the speed to high of ACC?

Someone on eBay. I worked fine when I first got it. The high speed is on AAC. It does not play DCC.


Normally I would think it is the cassette detection switch, but that does not explain the speed problem.


I have a similar issue with speed on DCC130. Bought from new, capacitors replaced. Eventual belt change and played fine for about 20 hours then started to play fast (like it’s playing back in fast forward mode?)

That is correct. I never replaced the capacitors just the belt. I am sending it to Ralf, maybe he can figure it out.


That’s great ivanr. Can you please let me know if Ralf finds the cause. I haven’t had time to investigate myself, although my initial thoughts were the forward/reverse lever switch was mis-aligned after pcb refit or possible switch failure. The common thing between both of our speed issues is belt replacement. My unit however does still plays DCC tapes. Thanks

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You should not play analog tapes, it will damage the head due to abrasive and corrosive properties of some tapes.


Hi, I had the same symptom with multiple DCC 130 after replacing the old capacitors. I found that one of the via’s that connect the top and the bottom side of the print was damaged by the leaky capacitor. I have used a piece of wire to make a new connection.

You might want to check the via’s with a multimeter.
Kind regards, Erik


Thank you for the information. Mine is on its way to Ralf so hopefully this will help him diagnose the problem.

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Hi Ivanr/Ralf,

Did this issue get resolved?
Can I ask the cause/repair
Kind Regards

Hi All

I have this issue also, won’t play digital tapes. Plays analogue at 4X speed.

I have just replaced the belt as it wasn’t playing at all before. It winds and rewinds fine.

Is there any known solution for this?



The answer was already in this post. Check the via’s from side A-B. There could be a loose one. Also make sure to replace all SMD capacitors, while you are working on it. Though this might not help the speed issue, the SMD capacitors are leaking and can cause more damage.