DCC130 Doing totally nothing (looking for a guy)

Today i bought a DCC822 with a remote. The Guy said ‘i also have a 130 would you like to see it ?’ So i said…‘let me see !’ …he said: it’s broken, it has to be fixed. Are you interested in it ? well…im not like this big portable fan, so i wasn’t to keen to buy it…starting price was 50 euro…i bought it for 25 and some change. And now i have another 130 not working, on the side there is some wear on the white lettering…the original battery is dead (according to the guy). The 'power button on the charger is working, but the player is not reacting to anything…(i tried to open it, but the screws are very very tight and very very small). So now i am in a state of shock, another not working DCC130. Are there any 130’s that actually work ?
So i am now looking for a member-guy nearby (Eindhoven), who just might know what to do and actually can take a look for the better (or worse).

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Congrats with the DCC822 ! DR DCC’s infamous beach video shows the screws to open the DCC130, have you seen it? No soldering needed, might get you a bit further: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PVWHgWQ4Zg

Also there’s a very detailed and extensive service manual available at https://www.dccmuseum.com/collection/philips-dcc130/

Maybe you can fix it yourself :wink:

Good luck!

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Lol, Rolf, the video is not of any help because the screws are very very tight, and i don’t have the tools to unscrew them (it’s killing all the tools i have). So…i don’t have a lot of patient with these portables (i totally do not like them at all), they end up in the trash can or i trade it…because i could buy it that cheap i saved it from oblivion…

And thanks for the congrats on the 822…i’m busy on that one right now, placing it into my car.

PS: I did watch the beach video a couple of times…i really couldn’t follow the Doctor…i think i’m gonna watch it again :wink:

Oh boy, I’ll have an identical player (the RQ-DP7) coming in soon. Hopefully I’ll be able to open it :man_mechanic:

I’m sure you’ll find someone around Eindhoven to help.

Enjoy the 822, please share pics if installed and working :smiley:
I was eying it too on Marktplaats but it doesn’t fit in my (oldtimer) car.

Ps. Set Youtube playback speed lower for the beach video, it helps! :wink: