DCC vs MiniDisc in Swiss German with representatives from both companies

I found it when searching for something unrelated in a browser set to German and found it to be so remarkable to re-upload it here to preserve it in case it should go down. It is a snippet of a consumer-show with each a representative from Philips and Sony. The content goes about as you would expect, the Philips-representative (Mr. Wirtz) is Dutch and speaks in understandable but by far not perfect Hochdeutsch (standard German), the Sony representative speaks in Swiss German which for me almost harder to understand. The talking point of Philips was that they don’t need to start from scratch, Sony highlighted that tape is a technology dating back to the 1930s and compared DCC to a turbo steam-locomotive.

If anyone is sufficiently interested, I can subtitle it.


Yes please–subs would be great!!! Thanks in advance-=- Williamk