DCC Technology and Improvements brochure late 1995

DCC Technology & Improvements 1995 WM.pdf (28.1 MB)
Great donation from Paul Chaney this week. He donated 12 new tapes, 2 DCC170 portables and various other materials.

This brochure is a true gem and we are happy to share. It gives a great insight in what was going on regarding DCC development Mid-Late 1995. New Prototypes and devices are discussed and shown, but for us, most importantly, is the confirmation that at the end of 1995 around 1200 unique DCC titles existed.

We could not do it without great donation like yours.

Also a big thank you to Rolf Dekker and his Father in Law for arranging the transport from the UK to LA so fast.


That clip-on DCC player looks interesting… I wonder if we could make that with a 3D printer, a mechanism from a 134 or 170, a self-made circuit board with 3g read amplifiers, an FPGA and a lithium battery…