Dcc tape clogs heads

Hello to everyone,
I am facing a strange problem. On one prerecorded dcc tape, when I try to play it, after some time of playback it gets the heads dirty and I need to clean them so that it can be played back. I have tried on 3 different decks (dcc-900, dd-92 and dcc-951) all with the same results.
I also had the problem that it wouldn’t play back the 1st 2 seconds (from start marker until 0:02) with that slipping sound, but I managed to get past this by cleaning the underside of the tape.
After several cycles or reading/cleaning deck, I think now I can play back the full tape without clogging the heads (at least to the point that the sound is muted and I have to re-clean).
I was wondering if this problem has been seen before and if there is a remedy to somehow stop it from happening again. Tape felt pad is white, if that tells you something.

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Hi Andreas and Welcome,

That is actually very rare. DCC hardly ever clog the head with dirt. We have only seen it a couple of times. The special coating on the tape, should prevent any shedding.
What , most likely, has happend is that the residue/ dirt on the DCC came from analog tape used by the previous user. It also answers the question, why the dirt stopped coming from the tape after a while. So the dirt from a Analog Cassette, transfers to the DCC head and the head transferred it to the DCC. At least my best guess.

The felt pad indication, does not mean much, as this only covers the back side of the tape.

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