DCC felt pad helping hands

While trying to swap some felt pads of my pre-recorded DCC’s i thought of a little helping hand.

Its just a small 3D print to stand the tape upright and keep the door open, but its a lot easier than using tape to keep the door open :slight_smile:



What a great tool. Can you make one for the museum? I am currently in the Netherlands and would love to take one with me back to California.

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Of course i can! Contact me via a PM :wink:


That is indeed a sophisticated tool!
I don’t have access to a 3D printer, so I had made my own out of styrofoam…
It is really handy when doing a lot of felt swapping!



Ive been working on improving the design, it now uses some felt pads to keep the tape in place without scratching it.

The version on Thingiverse, and the one on the way to the Museum, is the latest version.

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What a great and handy tool. Thanks for sending it so quickly.