DCC Cassette Storage

I’m curious about how you guys store your DCC cassettes.
As they are a fraction smaller than regular analog cassette cases there might not be any readily solution out there in forms of trays etc. that you can buy and use.
I’ve been searching around but are not sure what will work or not due to the smaller size of the cases.
Have you build your own storage devices?
Any ideas are more than welcome.

I use an old aluminium photo suitcase to store the cassettes… I need to buy another one because this one is full! It is handy 'cause when you open it you can see the backcovers and just pick the one tou need… works for me!

I use IKEA kitchen cabinets as furniture. The shallowest drawers (10cm face height) are ideal for storing casettes.
Wether Compact, Digital Compact or DAT.

But I also store them in the now obsolete IKEA GNEDBY CD racks alongside my CD’s.

I used the (French) Posso Media Boxes. The can accommodate 16 DCC cassettes and the boxes can be stacked.
I still own 11 boxes and some 150 DCC cassettes and hardly use them


I have the same Posso, 20 pcs of them. It works quite well.

I keep mine in an old Plasro storage box. I always thought that the idea of DCC tapes was that it fits in same storage and shop displays as analog cassettes.

They do. The “fraction smaller” that the original poster is concerned about doesn’t make any practical difference, really – it amounts to barely a millimeter in overall width (considering “width” as the longest axis; i.e. the box as viewed from the spine, as it would be in a storage rack); height and depth are the same for the Philips-style “slipcases”, although the Japanese-style “flip-cases” used by Fuji, Panasonic, etc. are a bit thinner in height as well.

Then again, so were the later-era Japanese analog-cassette flipcases favored by Fuji, Sony, etc. as well, and they fit in standard cassette-storage racks just fine.