Dcc 951

Hi there,

I’ve bought a Philips DCC 951. Just to be able to play some old cassettes. But it has a problem.

When playing an analogue cassette the sound is not steady. Like the motor is not running smoothly but has a light fluctuation in speed. It’s my first DCC machine.

Any ideas on this problem and what parts should I replace to repair this machine.

Thx in advance

Welcome to the forum! Belts and pinch rollers are the cause, they should be replaced. The issue is called wow and flutter. But please do not play analog tapes on a DCC player for longer than testing, abrasive and/or corrosive properties can and will damage the head. Much better analog tape decks are available far cheaper.

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Thx For the help Max. I will become a Patreon and order them.

I wrongly assumed that a DCC player would play my analog tapes better than an analog tape deck. But I don’t play tape that often, it’s more nostalgia to know I will be able to play tapes when I want to :slight_smile:



If it’s analogue tapes you want to play, better buy a decent used analogue tape deck.
DCC decks do play analogue cassettes but it is not really good for them to do so.
An analogue deck shoud really serve your needs better in that case.

A used analogue deck wouldn’t be that hard to find in thrift stores or local trading sites like Marktplaats,
2ehands etc.
And usually a reasonable 80’s or 90’s deck like Philips, Denon, Teac, Technics, Nakamichi will have
service guides found online.
Also there are lots of people servicing these for a little price.

Just my 0,02 euro

Kind Regards,
Marout Sluijter Borms
Amsterdam NL


@didyman made the best photos of damaged heads so far: Technics RS-DC8 buzzing sound on analogue playback - #8 by didyman

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Happy to help. Thanks for joining. You can order any parts at [email protected]

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Hai @deejayves,
It is not entirely clear to me if you want to play DCC cassettes at all? If you don’t want to play DCC cassettes, it is not advisable to put a lot of effort (and money) in trying to get the most out of your 951. Analog decks are better suited to play your analog tapes.
If however, you DO want to play or record DCC tapes, then the 951 will needs some TLC.



Hi, I have only a couple of analog tapes and some dcc’s. I don’t play tapes every day. But sometimes I enjoy listening to music on old formats.
The main reason why I bought a dcc recorder is just to have one in my rack. But it should be in a working condition.

Thx for your help

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I’ve received the spare parts and mounted them. The DCC951 is playing great again !

Thx for your help.



anche io ho lo stesso problema , con il cambio hai risolto tutto?
posso sapere dove hai ordinato i pezzi e il costo?