DCC 951 - Noticable hum?

Hi, I’m using a 951 at the moment to create quite a few recordings and while the unit is doing its job well there is a noticable hum from the deck. It sounds like a tramsformer hum but is only present when the transport is recording or playing back. I have swapped the motor from another 951 but it still remains. Could there be an issue with the grommets the motor is mouted on (although they haven’t hardened over time) or is there some part of the casing which could be dampened down somehow? Just be nice to have it as quiet as my other decks.

Stay safe guys.

That ia new one. Can you use a paper roll and hold your each against that while moving along the parts to locate the hum?

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Same problem over here. Started using the 951 at my officedesk to listen to my music while working from home. I didn’t notice it when using the deck in my listening room, but it is quite noticeable now. It’s a mechanical hum while the motor is running. I’ll try my 730 but I bet it’s the same.

Nice thing to notice now (because it’s audible), is that when a new song on the tape starts, the speed slightly changes for a split of a second when passing the DCC mark, like it’s synchronizing.

It seems to me that this is “by design”.
I can confirm my other player (730) and another 951 with a defective head also make the same mechanical humming noise. Most probably coming from the drive motor. And it is only noticeable when using the player for dimmed background music at my desk.

Interesting @Henrie to hear that. My 600’s are very quiet so perhaps it is a 3rd gen thing. I’ve yet to try my other 951 and 730 so I’ll let you know the result. And yes @drdcc I will try to see if I can isolate the source.

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