DCC 951 cleaning head

Hello everybody,

I have a dcc 951 that gives the message clean head. I did this like discribed in the video from the dcc museum on youtube. But this wont do the trick for me, anybody having suggestions how to proceed?

Greets Tom

Hi Tom,

You can almost completely ignore the message. Unless you are experiencing dropouts and should clean the head
The 951 is really a great player, but even the slightest irregularity (even if there are no dropouts) will cause this message to appear. Most of the time, it does not even mean you would need to clean the head. It is just how the tape has contact/no contact at certain times with the head.


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Thank you very much for your information I really appreciate this! I have another problem with this particular player, there is simply no audio output not on the speakers and not on the headphones. Is this something familiar?

Greets Tom

Ai, there is a bigger ESD problem that occasionally (rare) will destroy the head. What about regular analog tape? Have you scrubbed the head until there is no tomorrow? It sometimes takes a bit of effort.

A analog tape is working, but the sound is not that great. I tried to adjust the head with the 2 screws with the spring, but no succes.

Greets Tom

How exactly does it sound? Could it be wow and flutter from the mechanism?

Sometimes I have the same message on my 730, but I ignore it and the deck go on quietly. If you want to clean the head, remove the cover and use very little isopropyl alcohol on a cotton swab and clean gently the head.