DCC 951 audio drop outs

Hi, recently purchased a DCC 951 for my collection. It is in good cosmetic condition and looks well looked after but after playing a song or two it started to drop out on the audio and when I came at the third song it even mentions ‘no text info’ I also hear the motor making whining noises, like it is running at varying speed.
What could this be?

It could be the belt or motor. The 951 can be a bit noisy, but nothing out of the ordinary.
Also double check the pinch rollers. Check if side B has the same problem.

You can also use a regular analog tape that you know well, to test. If there is a lot of W/F you can take it from there by checking the belt.


Just ran a classic analog cassette on the DCC951 and indeed wow & flutter was all over the place… Guess I’ll need some new belts :wink:

And probably new pinchrollers too.

Can I order these parts at the museum?


Yes, as a Patron, you can send an e-mail to [email protected] to order. Both are very easy to replace, I thought I messed up, but it turned out that I didn’t click the pinch rollers in place hard enough.

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If the unit worked from the beginning, first of all I would clean all the parts being in contact with the tape e.g. the head, the pinch rollers and the capstan using ethanol or isopropanol. The pinch rollers of this model have often dents and should be then replaced. Sometimes drive belt has to be replaced too.