DCC 900 Prototype?

Anyone seen this version of the DCC 900 player ?

The Main-board and Audio-board are also slightly different then the normal 900.



Yes, this is a early version - pre production.
We have one at the DCC museum like this.

Does it work?

I don’t know yet. Have to clean It first , and i think i have to replace the elco’s on the digital board.

Have to find the right ones first

I have also two preproduction units having these boards. The benefits is that the read/write board don’t use SMD capacitors.

Hi Ralf and Easy-Rider,

Is it possible to test the drive with a normal 1st-gen digital board, to test the if the head is ok ?
Already found the answer to this one :cry:. No there is also +12V going to the RW board.

And have you recapped the digital board and where did you get the capacitors from ?


Replaced all the SMD except for the 1uF.
Ordered them at Mouser

We have them in stock if needed.

Ok , the 1uf is the one i was not able to find, the others’ i have :slight_smile:

Will replace them next weekend and test the unit

Great. Keep us posted. Ours does not work unfortunately.

Where did you get it?

Bought several (5) DCC900 last 2 weeks, So i could fix them. 3 of them i can repair, one has a defect head and one of them was slightly different from the outside and happened to be this one.


5(!) wow



Another one saved :wink:

Will order some SMD elco’s, so i can replace the ones used for testing.

Recording still needs to be tested



More info on the repair.

Electronics, needed cleaning, 2 minor repairs and replacement of the SMD capacitors.
The drive itself needed a complete rebuild, nothing seemed to be working,
Mechanically not moving in or out. Head not fully retracted. Broken micro switch.
Main Belt not mounted correctly. Loose wires. Missing screws. …

Took me a whole afternoon to completely take it apart, find and fix all the problems.

I guess someone had a try and did not find the problem. (broken micro switch ?)



More good news for me !
Recording also works.

Ordered some quality trough-hole audio quality elco’s to replace the ones i placed for testing.
Could not find a 1uF NP (BP) smd elco anywhere, without a delivery date earlier then end of may and even then the price would be over 20 Euro’s to get it. (elco itself cost only 0,73 cents)

As for the other DCC900 i purchased. 3 drives fully tested and all playing and recording DCC, 1 of them has still a problem with the analog right channel and that i should be able to fix.
As mentioned earlier, the 4th had a defect head and can not be saved :cry:



Good job!