DCC 900 play only ACC

Greetings for all members of the forum! Im Balázs from Hungary east europe. Please forgive my english not really perfect.
Story: I have a beautiful piece of Philips DCC 900 almost a years ago. Its a recaped unit and worked fine with DCC and ACC. A month ago i listening a DCC music and after mabe a 10 minutes the music started drop outs and finaly gone. After this issue the unit cant play and record to DCC. With ACC working fine.
I clean the head, looks like a mirror no dirt on but cant help.
If i put in a DCC the unit find the tracks and markers but no sound. Sometimes some sound can hear for a secound. I link a video from service mode. I hope anybody can help me :slight_smile: Thank you so much!

From the service menu it looks like 2, possible 3 channels are damaged on either the head or read-write board. It could also be the pinch rollers, but not likely.

If it is the head or read - write board, you would need a donor machine.

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Szia! :slight_smile:

These Philipses may have some of the known failing Elna Duorex caps. So not only the head amplifier board may be affected. Mirror-like head guarantees nothing, the problem can be on the level of microscopic image. First as mentioned, mechanism should be checked. And playing audio tape on them is generally not a good idea.

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