DCC 900 optical issue

Hello all,

Today I bought a DCC 900 via Marktplaats to repair my defect 900. It came together with the 900 mini remote and looks brand new. There was a minor issue (cas.blocked). This issue was fixed and I was able to play my old tapes and a pre-recorded with text.

So far so good. No need to repair the old one. I noted a difference between the units. My old one had cooling ribs on the outside this 900 doesn’t. There is also a sticker “not for sale” on the back. I removed the cover and saw the different rw board.

After the playback test I wanted to test a recording from an optical source. This didn’t work, no signal. Coax
and analog worked fine. I noted that the optical led was not very bright. I think this is the issue. Does anybody know how to solve this?

ody know how to solve this? Picture of te DCC900:

It could be a problem on the main board, or the PZ03 board.
The player is an early for sale model, also called a pre-production.

The problem is that parts are very different. Read-Write board, PZ03 and main board are different and, as far as we know, there is very little documentation.

So do not try to swap things over from your original 900 , as it will not work.

Try and replace the capacitors at the PZ03 and RW board first. It could make a difference.


Hello Ralph, thank you very much for your reply. I will try that first.

Unfortunately since the defect DCC900 I’m infected by the DCC virus. Today I bought a second DCC 600 and got it working again thanks to your video’s. My wife will kill me if she hears about me buying a complete mini stereo with I think a dcc480. :wink: Need to pick it up next week.

Hello Ralph, when I started a pre-recorded tape the optical out was bright as it should. I found out that the fault was caused by a bad DCC tape (Philips 75min.). The player had some trouble reading it before starting a recording. This triggered the optical in. I don’t know why but it works fine now. I didn’t recap the player yet.

Thank you for the feedback.

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