DCC 900 not working after trying wrong key combination

Hello, I think I have made a stupid mistake. I have pressed the buttons stop, counter reset and forward and switched the player on. After that the display shows as picture below. After this action the player doesn’t play anymore. Is there a reset procedure? I have checked the service manuel but can’t find it. I also noticed that the player tried to record on a pre recorded tape out of the blue.


I just opened the hood cleaned the had and pinch rollers. It didn’t help. Analog tape works fine. Digital stutters. I haven’t changed the capacitors yet. It could be the case. Is there a list of needed capacitors for the rw board?
I don’t have the standard board it is the pre production model

Update 2

I found the problem, the main drive belt was the issue. I know I have to replace it. I cleaned it and placed it back.
I works fine again. As we call it in Dutch: dikke stress maar niks aan de hand :wink:.

Sorry that I bothered you. Can be Delete is possible.

Thank you for your help in advance.

Happy you found the solution.
Please recap the RW board and PZ03 immediately.
The damage by waiting can’t often not be undone.

Hello Ralph thank you for your help. Do you have a list of capacitors to which are needed? This is the same rw board as you DCC 900 prototype. I can’t find a list and don’t want to start before I have all the parts.

We do not have a list at this moment. The capacitors/value are different vs the regular 900.
That list is available in the description of the DCC900 resto on YouTube.


I have collected a list reading all the capacitors. There are some and capacitors which have some “EXTRA” ID on the top row. I don’t know what it means. Picture below. Do I also need to replace all the capacitors on the main board? And all 34 of the audio board?

You only have to replace the SMD capacitors. In the demo model they are mostly found on the PZ03, shown on the last picture.

Hi Ralph, that made the job a lot easier :tada:.
Thank you for you advise. Kind regards Roel