DCC 900 no track numbers and time counter while playing

Hi there dcc lovers

I have a dcc 900 and while playing a dcc cassette the display shows no time info and no track number.
De cassette is recorded with a dcc 300 and works 100% on that player.
Any other dcc cassette same problem on the 900.

Anyone ??

Hi and welcome.

It could be bad switches.


Thanks Ralf

I checked the switches and they are al fine.
The player doesn’t even stop when you search for the next or prev… song, its just going to the end/begin of the tape.

Hi Frank,

  1. These models suffer from leaking capacitors. Did you replace those?
  2. Do you have any sound? Do you have sound when playing an analog cassette (preferably CrO2, otherwise it might damage the head irreversibly).
  3. Did it ever work correctly?

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Hi Henrie

Another owner did recap the unit, i didn’t know it until i’m opened the unit.
The analoge cassettes wont give any sound.
Also it is not recording anything.
And no it did not work fine from the moment i bought it.
The seller told met it works fine… !!
30 minutes ago i checked the 8 tracks in service menu, it tells me one track from the eight is fault. It has sometimes a dropout with playing.
So i am not happy at all. :pensive:

You can still try to clean the head with isopropanol on a cotton swab.

Head is cleaned.

When? New dirt could be the reason.

Cleaned it today, so thats not the reason.

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Try and clean or change the pinch rollers. If the track still has an error there might be a problem with the tda amp or head.


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In order to check the read amp you have to measure voltages on the pins InAUX (11) and In0-in7 (12-15 and 17-20) of the TDA1317 during stop. They all must be about 0.6V. If this isn’t the case the read amp chip is damaged. If they are all ok, the head has to be checked.

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Hello Easy-Rider ! Id like to ask about meassure. U mean meassure voltages VEED (16) between InAUX (11) and In0-in7 (12-15 and 17-20) ?

@Genetic yes, exactly.

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile: I meassured the pins and (12-15 and 17-20) 0.61
but the InAUX (11) is 1.79 volt. Is that wrong??