DCC 900 No Sound

Hi Guys

I have changed all the capacitors like in Dr Dcc’s YouTube video the good news is the INI error is gone and I powers up and works as it should accept there is no sound coming out of the player not even the headphone socket and going by the front display it’s only making sound on the right channel


It could be that the circuit boards have been damaged by the leaking capacitors. Did you notice corrosion or damage to the lanes on the board when you were changing the caps?


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There was some on top but it all seemed to come off with a cotton swab and acetone and the underneath was fine I don’t know if it makes any difference but I had to replace the ribbon cable between the 2 PCBs and at the moment I only have analogue tapes to test it with


On my boards it needed to redo some circuits, were killed by corrosion… Even if they look ok, the circuits must be measured for continuity.