DCC 900 issues

I have a couple of issues with my DCC 900. These may be unrelated.

  1. Analogue playback only on right channel. Left completely mute, VU meter does not move. This problem was there already when I bought this used couple months back.
  2. Left channel almost mute. If I turn balance on amp to left and increase volume enough, I can hear the music silently. Digital output gives both channels at equal levels, and VU meter shows both channels working.
  3. Occasional dropouts on digital playback. First it was really bad, but after playing for a while, dropouts became less frequent.
  4. Unable to play side B. On both analogue and digital playback, side B stops after second or two. This is likely a mechanical issue caused by me, but I was unable to figure out what I messed up when I opened it up and took a look at the belt, as I thought that issue #3 may be caused by loose belt.

Any advice would be appreciated

You should recap the read- write-board as shown here:

Hi Mikko,
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You are most likely having 2 problems (based on our experience).

  1. Problem 1-3 you are describing are most likely caused by leaking capacitors that need replacing immediately.
  2. Problem 4 could be a bad pinch roller. This means that both pinch rollers need replacing.

We can help with the restoration or parts. Just let us know at [email protected]


When replacing the capacitors, is OK to replace with higher voltage but same UF?

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Yes, that will work.

Higher voltage and higher temperature tolerance always work if it physically fits and may last longer due to higher quality.

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