DCC 730 Won't START-up Now it Does

Hello, a few years ago i bought a DCC 700, worked fine for a while.
Now for a long time it seemes broken, it does nothing when i start it up, BUT sometimes it does start up.
And works great, Yesterday i tryed it again and nothing, but today i left it on for a long time and after 30 minutes it just started, and works great, Any Idea what is happening, or can you give me idea’s where to look what to see inside the machine and maybe what to test.
Thanks, Dian from the Netherlands

Can you confirm the machine? There is no DCC700 according to us.

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Sorry. Yeah numbers. It’s the DCC 730

So, most likely a power supply issue.
There is a electronic fuse near the 220V that might be at fault.

Units fail all the time, though I never heard of units intermittently working.


Okay i will check that one.
Is that push and turn or just turn that fuse.
And i saw some leaking (big) capacitors too.
Thanks, Dian

It’s an electronic fuse that’s mounted on the circuit board inside the recorder. If it’s blown, it won’t be easy to replace because it has to be soldered, but it’s not impossible.


@Jac is right.
The “leaking capacitors” are not leaking. That is glue and can be ignored.


Okay. The dcc730 has been working the whole day. And put it a few times down for short. And then putted it on again, and still working.
Wauw that sounds so good. Anyway.
Now it’s off and will put it on tomorow.
Thanks again for your interest and concern.

Hello. Working good today.
So i let it rest for a few days see if it lasts
The DCC730

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I changed the title to make it easier to find in case of similar issues.

Still working great when i start it up again.
So great it’s every time working the DCC730 Thanks for the responces.

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I did have kind of the same problem with a 900 yesterday. Did work fine when I first tested it, but next day nothing. Could not get it to work. Started measuring to see if there was any incoming voltage at the transformer, but nothing. I ended up with the power cord be faulty… internally at the plug. Never seen that before.

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I have only seen that with the 730 and 951, but never at a 900

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For me this was the first time ever and really was amazed.
The 900 has a fixed power cord, so it must have been used for 25 years.
The power plug is very flexible, not sturdy. So I think that’s why it was broken internally.
I must have repaired thousands of electronic devices in my life, but never seen this before…

If it stops working again, check cold junctions on the main connectors and power supply elements on the main board. Both DCC730 and DCC951 are known for having often cold junctions.