DCC 730 - No display, otherwise great!

Hi, Just got hold of a near mint 730, the only issue being there is no front panel display. Is there a known fix for this? If not I could maybe swap the boards from my other 730 which is awaiting a cap change?

(by the way, I haven’t looked inside the machine yet so apologies if I’m missing somthing simple!)


I have seen it before and it usually required re-soldering the entire display board.
At least all connections of the display.


Right, could this then be a manufacturing fault or have the joints failed over time? Either way I think I’ll just swap the board out from my other 730 then at least I’ll have a perfect deck.

Thanks Ralf.

Actually thinking about it, this reminds me of an issue with Onkyo AV receivers where they just lost sound output. Apparently the Dolby chip’s connections failed over time (I think due to manufacturing issues) and the solution was to heat the chip to 350 degrees for a few seconds and this caused the joints to flow and remake. I did try this once and it did work. Would this be worth a try on the front panel processing chip? Just a thought.

This seems to be a manufacturing problem, as sometimes the analog output suffers from this as well.

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