DCC 730 Is not recording

I have purchased a DCC 730 that does not record. Plays fine. The head test shows an excellent result.

Any idea where to start finding the error(s)?

Replacing the caps and pinch rollers.
Try to use that mech in another 730/951 and see if you have the same problem?

As with the first gen decks would it now be advisable to recap all 730/951’s? If so, would it be on both the read/write and digital boards?

I have not seen a lot of problems with these caps as they are from the 1994-1995 period.

A lot of people just do it pro-actively.

The DCC130 had very few problems with capacitors 5 years ago and now almost all of them have issues.

Thank you for guiding this discussion Ralf.

Has anyone done a recapping of a 730/951 before, and still has a layout diagram of the r / w and the digi board with the smd capacitors to be replaced, with a parts order list?

Despite being a hobby, I don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

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I agree. We need to share a lot more.


I’ve replaced the caps on a 951 r/w board with standard caps (11 in total, 10uf 16v types) which was quite straightforward. I’m not sure my abilities are good ebnough to solder SMD caps though!

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I am having the same problem on my DCC730. It plays back fine but will only record bits and here and there.

Please fill out which DCC recorders you own in your profile.

Is the tape new? Did the tape record with another recorder?

The tape is new and records fine on my other recorders. I own many DCC players but currently have only a DCC600 and a DCC175 fully functional. The DCC730 is the one that stopped recording but plays fine.

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Thanks, would still be nice for the future to fill it into the respective field in your profile. Should be easy to find, if not let me know.

I did. Check it out.

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I replaced all my smd capacitors on DCC 951 with normal through hole ones. Make sure to buy some reputed brands. The reason why I replaced all of them because I was having issues with analog Cassette playback. I have no intention of using it for cc playback thought. But it was a symptom of dying caps. Anyway cap replacement fixed the cc playback issue.


I don’t have the skills to replace the caps but here is an update on my 730. I replaced the pinch rollers from Ralf and now both sides play and sound great but still no recording. It does play analog cassettes (as a test only) with no problems. I did notice that when you are playing a prerecorded dcc it has problems finding track one. It forwards to start playing then goes past the beginning of the track then reverses the head (side B) I guess to go back a bit but stays on side B and stops. If I manually switch to A and hit play it plays fine the rest of the tape with no dropouts or issues. I can skip songs from there on with no issues either. Should I start this as a new topic?

Did you clean the head with Isopropanol on a cotton swab?

Yes. That is the first thing I do.

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You could take the mechanism out of the 730 (only 2 screws holding it) and send it to us.

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Will do. I just want to post another problem that may or may not be related.

I am considering learning how to recap capacitors. I noticed looking at the service manual that there are a lot more capacitors that are very small on the board. Do these need to be replaced too or just the large 10UF 16V?