DCC 730 - DCC tape stuck in machine

My beloved DCC 730 has suddenly developed a fault. It has been working fine for many, many years. I was playing a tape…which played absolutely fine. When I went to eject it I got the dreaded BLOCKED message. This has never happened before. I wasn’t too concerned. I powered off and back on again…but it’s still stuck. I removed the top cover and thought I could just manually turn the gear for the tray. It does move a little but if you are looking down on the tape from the top the tray seems to be stuck on the right hand side as this does not seem to lift as high as the left. I have pulled, prodded and poked and nothing will get the drawer to open. The head is retracted and so are the pinch rollers. Any thoughts or experience of this? Is there anything I can try. I really don’t want to give up on this machine. I do have a DCC 300 but I’m missing the self-titled track display which you get on the 730. Thanks, Tony

Hi and Welcome to the forum. Your support is much appreciated.

The problem is very strange. If the pinch rollers are retracted, it might just be tape that has jammed.
If the head is clear you can remove the top metal part, show in this video:

Then you can try and remove the tape.

Thanks Ralf. Unfortunately as the tray won’t move forward…even a mm…I can’t get to the area where you can remove the top metal part. I appreciate the suggestion though, mvg Tony

Glad you got In touch with Geert. Tell him we said Hi. He will be able to help.

Just wanted to update this. Geert did a fabulous job fixing my DCC-730. He got the stuck tape out and also replaced the pinch rollers and some dodgy looking caps on the Read/Write and digital board. Great service. Very happy!