DCC-730 cannot play B-side

Hi all
I have DCC-730 in mint condition.
It has been used a couple of times some years ago.
I saw the DCC Museum site and was inspired to use my player again.
I have about 20 pre recorded DCC:s with different artists.
I have started up my player and it is working as it should when playing side A.
When I switch to B side it only says “No text info” and goes to first track on side A.
Has anyone an idea what could be wrong.
I have cleaned the head.



Hi and welcome to the forum.
Usually it is the pinch roller on that side. But that is naturally advice without having it on the bench here.

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I have the same problem with my 951 and replaced the pinch rollers. When switching to side B sometimes it works well but on some different DCC cassettes I still have dropouts.

It seems to me like there’s too much force put on the tape by the pickup spindle. Does anybody know how to clean and/or adjust the clutch in between the spindles?
For the DCC600 I’ve read that there is a potmeter to adjust the torque.

I regrettably don’t have a torque measuring cassette available.

I have never done that.
As the head turns at reverse, there should not be anything wrong with the head. It is tilted / aligned?
You can tell by visual inspection if it is sitting straight.