DCC 600's

It’s bout 3 years since I picked up the DCC vibe.

I now have 5 decks and 2 portables. However, they don’t get the attention they deserve.

Hence I would like to part with my two DCC 600’s.
Both have been professionally restored by ProAVS.
One is complete with remote, demo tape and manual.
the other needs new belts (which I have).
Both are in very good condition with no reading errors.

Anyone interested can PM me. I’m not eager to ship as that is how most of my equipment got damaged.

If this message is too commercial my apologies and I hope the moderators will remove it.

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As long as any transaction details and further communications are handled via PM, this is perfectly fine.

Still available.

I also have an RS-DC8 in inknown condition.
Maybe someone wants a punt at restoring?