DCC 600 strange issue

Hello all DCC lovers.

I am new here, hereby a small intoduction.
I am Dimitri from the Netherlands and own a DCC-951 since the half 90’s to use in my studio that time. Somebody told me back the days that the DCC are much better then DAT, so that is why i bought my first one.

Now I own a few, and i have a DCC 600 with a strange issue.
When it loads the DCC tape the head goes to the tape and then immediately it goes back.
I made a small video and uploaded it on WeTransfer.
Hopefully this link works https://we.tl/t-KTsmxch4lW
I already mailed Ralf about it as i tought it could be the gear and showed Ralf pictures of the gear.
But the gear looks perfect, so it can’s be that causing the problem.

I hope somebody knows what it could be.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards.

I repacked your video and uploaded it to us directly and added it to your post to make it easier to view and preserve it for the future as well as moving it to the right category, I hope it is okay for you.


I could be wrong, but it sounds like the solenoid gets stuck in the “on” position and the mode wheel keeps turning from stop to play to stop again. It could be a mechanical problem (too much friction in the mechanism so the solenoid doesn’t spring back) or it could be an electric issue that will probably be easy to fix.


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Perfect, thanks.

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Hello Jac,

Thank you.

I know for sure it is not the tape unit but something on one of the PCB’s.
I swapped it(the unit on the video) with a Grundig DCC 305 and it is working perfectly now.
Now to figure out what the problem could be on one of the PCB’s.

Did you try analog tape?

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Hi Ralf,

Yes i did same issue.

Try cleaning the small switches at the back of the mechanism and see if that helps.

It is not the Mechanisem, because it is working perfectly in a DCC 305.
So it needs to be on one of the PCB’s.

Need to check.

Is there also a service menu like the DCC951 on the DCC600?

Ok, if the mech block is working in a Grundig, have you tried the Grundig Mech in this 600? Just to verify the same problem.