DCC 600 Sound muffled

I recently bought a second hand Phillips DCC 600 player that sounds very muffled. Maybe anyone could help me to repair it or give me some tips? Or maybe someone knows someone who could repair it for a reasonable price? My other DCC 600 player of the same brand and series sounds perfect. I’m based in the Netherlands. Thanks in advance. Hope to hear something.



You should not use a DCC recorder to listen to analog tapes, it will damage the head faster and good analog tape decks are still cheaper than DCC recorders. If it is muffled with DCC tapes, I would first try to use the S/PDIF output to see if it is the DAC or something before it.


Hello Max, thank you for your quick reply!

I tried to change the cables but still no result. My other DCC 600 (which doesn’t have a muflled sound output) has a good sound output and the other one with the same cables sounds still muffled unfortunately…

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Do you mean muffled when playing a DCC?



I have had this issue before when playing analogue cassettes. Ended up being a faulty head. Most likely worn

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That is the reason why you absolutely should not play analog tapes on a DCC recorder except for diagnosing issues.

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Thanks guys for your reply’s, is there any way where i can get a new head or that anyone from the forum could ‘repair’ that for me?

Do DCC play, if so everything is fine, if not you have to search for another player or a donor head.

Get an analog tape deck for analog tapes, your damage was likely caused by the abrasive and/or corrosive properties of certain analog tapes.

Thanks Max,

Might you know where i could get a donor head?
Thanks for your patience and attention