DCC 600 Head and board swap

Hi, I have a DCC600 with a damaged head and one that works fine but sometimes the tape draw sticks and try as I might I have yet to find the problem. (Not happy!) I know the heads are matched to the electronics so is it sufficient to swapout the head and R/W boards between the decks to solve my dilemma?


Most likely, the drawer can be fixed by taking the mechanism apart and replacing the molykote that turned to brown chewing gum, by new lithium grease. The belt may also need to be replaced if it’s too loose.

Yes, if you want to swap the read-write board and the heads, you can make the other mechanism work but I would fix the drawer instead.


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@Jac Thanks for the advice, I think i’ll try re-greasing first. Good to know the head/board swap will work.


You can test it by manually helping it a little bit. Either pushing or turning the wheel while closing/opening. If that works, it is most likely the belt.