Dcc 600 eating cassettes and analogue left channel

hi, ronald here.

I have 2 dcc 600 projects,

one was eating tapes, I mailed Ralph and he suggested I change the second gear. So I changed the second gear and while the machine was open I replaced the belts.

It (almost) works perfectly, it loads, records and plays analogue and digital tapes!! Very happy, thanks Ralph!.

Only one flaw remains: analogue tapes have very low left channel and a swishing noise on the left channel, what could it be??

I have one more dcc 600 that has trouble loading tapes, I will do the same as the other machine and replace belts and gear. Hope this does have good audio on the left analogue channel.

Hi Ronald and welcome.

It could be a problem with the head or read-write board. It is a rare problem with any 600 as they are usually rock solid in that department. As analog tapes act as sandpaper on the DCC head, it is advisable not to be using regular analog tape anyway, but I do understand that you would want your 600 to be perfect.