DCC 600 drive belt replacement

Hi, currently I am working on a drive belt replacement on a DCC 600. It is a pretty straight forwad job and it is not the first time I do this. This time I ran into a problem I don´t understand and I am unable to solve.

After replacement of the belt the plastic brackets that hold the capstan in position have to be put back into position. The one closest to the motor fits like a glove, but the other one will not go back into position. Only when I use much force it clicks in position, but then the capstan does not run free. So that is not the solution.

I checked if the capstan sufficiently drops into position and that looks good. When viewed from the other side (where the head is) everything looks OK. The capstan also slots into position on the bracket, it is not misaligned. Still it does not fit.

Has anyone exerienced the same problem and knows how to solve this?

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Hi and welcome to the forum. I appreciate you choosing the correct category and tag. :smiley:

I’m not an expert on that mechanism. You need to wait for @drdcc, who will undoubtedly appreciate your support on Patreon. In the meantime, I recommend uploading a picture or a video. You can do that directly in your post without any external service, and it will help us better understand the issue.

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That is a interesting problem. First time for me at least. If you remove both covers and compare the height of both wheels. Are they the same? Try to use a level f.i.

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“Dat zul je altijd zien.” As soon as you ask for help you find the solution yourself. I knew it would be simple and boy do I feel stupid. It still took me three afternoons.

I mistakenly exchanged both brackets. And because the shafts of both capstans differ in size the bracket for the thin shaft does not fit the thicker shaft. Put them in the right position and everthing works as it should. From my early days of DCC maintenance I remembered that both brackets had different shapes and they would not line out with the mounting clips. So you could not make this mistake. I remerbered wrong.

Problem solved.


Thanks for sharing. Glad you did find it.


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