DCC 600 change read/write head and PCB

Dear DCC enthusiasts :slight_smile:,

I have a questions if it is advisable/doable to change the read/write head (including the PCB that is connected to the both flat cables) from a working DCC 600 into another? Or is it better to change the whole unit and change gear and belts?

Reason is that I have one DCC 600 which has a defect read/write head (my own fault :frowning:) but otherwise functions normally, while the two other DCC 600’s both have blocked cassette error and one even “consumes” the tape. Also not sure about the gears on both “blocked cassette” DCC 600 players.

I somewhere read that the read/write head needs to be positioned correctly and a minimal offset causes no audio at all. So therefore my (odd) question :slight_smile:. Thanks in advance for your response/advise!


Hi and welcome.
We have done this before, but replaced the whole head block that includes the pinch rollers and RW Board attached to it. It is an easy swap.

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Thanks for your fast reply.
Any video available on that specific swap?


This video covers it:

In this video, you can see it as well.

The block is removed just before getting to the gears.

It has the head, pinch rollers and read-write board attached.
You can move this over to the mech that works.

It should work.

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Deze Dr DCC,

Sorry for the question as i did find the answer in your video’s. But still a big thanks for adding the links here!


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Dear All,

I managed to transfer the block (pinch rollers and head) including its read-write board into my other DCC 600. All works fine although … I made the mistake with the two screws of the read/write head by removing/loosen them :scream:. After comparing the crews position with replaced head it luckily seems to play well (thank god :slight_smile:). Again a lot of lessons learned. The detachment of the two connectors is somewhat tricky and lifting the unit is also difficult as you need to keep an eye on the Read/Write Board as well. In the end just a bit of juggling :rofl:.

Thank you all for your feedback and comments!