DCC 600 and 130 where to start?

Hello everyone,

I am just starting the project of repairing a DCC 600 and 130 that I got as a bundle. Would anyone be able to guide me on which parts should I consider replacing?

The 130 is totally bricked.

The 600:

  • has troubles opening/closing the tray
  • when loaded, the display will show ‘no cassette’
  • when I give a pressure on the top of the cassette, and press play, the cassette will play normally for 1 second before stoping.

Thanks in advance for your support!


First check rubber belts tension and orange gear for transport…
U must dismount a tape mechanic to see. First try manual loading with… Finger… With analog tape- cassette. If hear noise or crackig sounds…gear is broken …and for tray belt you must put a new one.

Hi and welcome,
The 130 portable would need a new belt and smd capacitors.
Also the main fuse might be blown.