Dcc 300 tape play, wind, rewind problem

Hello, my dcc suddenly stops playin a tape, change from a to b and stop, I tought it was the belt but it isn’t, wind, rewind also doesn’t work, by wind and rewind I only hear the noise of a motot for +/- 1sec. I disassembled the mechanism, checked the gear and the actuator under the 2 reels and the gear under the tape and it all look’s good,now I need help. Does the red gear under the 2 reels need to be set at a pre set possition? I see the stop, play and pause marks on it, is there a reasonf for? Is there a test program on the Dcc 300? Thx in advance for any help, have a fine day, Foksie

Hello folks, problem is solved, at a closer look I saw that the Spider Gear Set was dammaged, some tooth were mushi, regards, Willy

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