DCC 300 player broke down. Possible broken gear?

Today when I was fast forwarding a tape and when it reached the end, the player made a buzzing sound and after that it’s no longer possible to wind any tape in either direction.
You can hear the motor for two seconds but the tape doesn’t wind and then it stops.
When pressing play it just switches to the B side and stops.
I opened up the unit but the capstan belt is intact.
I guess it’s the drive gear that has broke down?
Is the red gear supposed to turn when turning the capstans?
If so, the gear’s the culprit because it’s not moving when I turn the capstans

Or what’s with that capacitor that’s soldered onto the motor?

Maybe that’s something the previous owner did?

If the original, white/yellow gear, has not been replaced, it might be caused by this.
They all die at some point and definitely need replacing.
The situation you are describing sounds like a gear problem.

Watch the video about replacing the gear, to make sure you are looking at the correct gear.

This is of great help.
Thank you very much.
I will try to swap the gear when I’ve received them.
I also noticed that the capacitor was mounted on the motor in the video.
So that’s supposed to be there then.
Good to know :smiley:

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It was indeed the drive-gear that was the culprit.
The gear had snapped.

I have managed to replace the gear with a replica from DCC Museum and now the player works again.