DCC 300 Play in an accelerated way

I bought the DCC300 second hand, I was testing it with analog cassettes and everything is fine. But at one point it stopped and the cassette did not come out, I managed to get it out, but now when I put the cassette back in it plays it at an accelerated rate and nothing sounds. Which may be due?. Thank you and I hope you can help me

There is something seriously wrong with the tape transport in the area of the capstan and pinchroller. IT could be several things.
I would advice you to not play anymore tapes until you fixed that problem.
To see what is exactly the problem, you need to open the deck and have a good look inside. There are YT clips you can watch to help you identify how it is supposed to function. Google is one of your best friends!


I think it may be the cog wheel that has become grainy. This is a typical defect of second series DCCs. DCC Museum have the spare part. I replaced the cog wheel and everything works perfectly, but, in my case, the tape was not really dragged, it just stopped.