DCC 175 won't work any more

Hello everyone and best wishes to the group.

I have a problem with my Philips DCC175. 6 months ago it was repaired (belt change) and has been working perfectly ever since. But for two days, when I want to start playing, fforwarding or rewinding a tape, I hear the sound of an electric motor that starts and then stops directly. It does this several times, and before it comes to a complete stop, a square flashes in the upper left corner of the display.

I tried by changing the battery, plugging it into the mains and changing the cassette, it doesn’t change anything.

Has anyone meet this problem before.

Thanks in advance.

From the sound of this, it really looks like the belt has failed again.
Sometimes, a thicker belt can get caught in the motor.

The good news is that the whirling sound and block in display indicate that there might not be any other problem.

Many thanks for a so quick answer. Let’s go for opening the “beast” again. How I hate dissoldering and soldering again the second motherboard. :tired_face:

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Definately a snapped belt. Had this a lot with cheap belts that snap after a few months of use.


Thanks, Philip. I’m gonna change it.