DCC 175 - Return to Side A

I would like to use the DCC 175 editing features to set a compilation tape to return to the beginning of Side A after playback finishes. I would appreciate it if someone could send me the translated Dutch to English steps to do this.

I’m pretty sure whenever you record a compilation on side B, it places a “Go to start A” at the end of the recording. If your compilation is short enough to fit on one side of the tape, you could either put the same tracks on side A as well as B, or you can create a short track with silence and put it on side B all by itself.


The compilations that I’ve been making usually span all of side A and part of side B. I’ve not seen this marker happen on my self made tapes. Maybe it’s a setting in the software that I haven’t discovered. I usually remember to fast forward when done playing so that the tape is stored with the leader at the beginning but sometimes I have forgotten.

Hi All,
I do not believe that is possible in the Studio Version.
There is no setting and it simply stops at the end.

I believe @Jorn came up with the idea to put these tapes in a 951 or 730 and added that feature in there at the last track. Little crazy, but workable.

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@drdcc is correct, if you have made a tape in the in any dcc recorder, and you do append on your recorder, than it stops in de end of the reaconding in rec-pauze mode, on a 1st and 2nd you press Mark & on a 3rd you push select till you see go to A and then press rec.


OK. I had been successfully adding the “return to side A” using my DCC 951. I wasn’t sure if there was an easier way to do it on the 175. Since I test playback of tapes made on the 175 using my 951, I’ll continue to append the “return to side A” as the final step.

Thanks everyone for your input…