DCC 175 Looking for flex cable JU02

Hi all,

My father in law has a Philips DCC 175 of which the belt was broken so he ordered a new one. Because he doesn’t like to solder, and I like to tinker with electronics, he gave it to me to see if I could repair it.

I found a couple of YouTube video’s, as well as the service manual (link) and started taking the device apart.

When trying to remove the main pcb however, disaster struck. The flex cable connected to the LCD and switch PCB was stuck to a shield on the main pcb and tore in two when I tried to remove it. I tried to do it as delicately as possible, but I applied too much pressure :frowning:

Image from manual and photo of flex cable:

The rest of the repair went ok, and I was able to replace the belt and re-solder the mechanism pcb, but I need to repair the cable.

Does anyone on this forum know if (and if so where) I can order a new cable? Or does someone have an old and broken DCC 175 (or 170 as they appear to use the same flax calbe) that I can buy from them to use for spare-parts? Preferable someone in the Netherlands or Europe, but I’ll also accepts offers from abroad.

The flex cable that broke is referenced to in the manual as “JU02”.

Thank you very much in advance.

Kind regards

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

It is a common mistake to damage this cable and together with the side a-b switch a fragile point during the repair.
We have the cable available for patrons.
Contact us at [email protected]


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