DCC 170 suddenly has issues with FF/REW or sometimes playback

Almost two years ago i bought a DCC 170 which has new capacitors and also a belt replacement, at least that was what the seller told me.
Now suddenly after normal usage, sometimes not used for a month and then used day after day… i have an issue which looks like it loses it’s horse power. (strength)
Sometimes i need to start the player twice to start the player to play the cassette.
Sometimes it’s making a clicking sound and turn itself off. (you see off in the display)
Now it is also not possible anymore to fast forward or return. When i push the button it gives to clicks in about 3 seconds and than turn off the player.
When the player plays a song all is working fine also the audio volume.
It doesn’t matter if i use a battery or 220v.
What can be the cause of the issue?

It could very well be that the (new) belt has gone bad. I have seen that before, iff the belt diameter used is 0.6mm If the sound it is making is rattling loud, there could be mechanism problem.

Hi. Could be, but how can it suddenly gone bad within 2 years after replacement. It worked fine for two years. It is just a clicking sound what you hear sometimes. The player tries to start but has just not enough strength. Will/could be the belt indeed. The reliability of these portable player with the small belts is disappointing unfortunately. And it is not the easiest player unfortunately to replace the belt but i think i have to give it a go myself.