DCC 170 not recording from digital line and analog input

I have a DCC170 with new belt but cannot record from digital source line and analog. (check input…)
The DCC 170 records OK from OPTICAL source.

Who has experienced the same fault and could give me hints what to do ??

Of course I could replace all smd capacitors but some are in a position that makes replacement
very difficult and there is not enough space to use conventional caps.

Thank You

We have seen this once and the ALC was acting up and giving us always the same message (check input). We ended up replacing the board.

Thank you for your input !
The behaviour is the same regardless of ALC on or off.
I agree easiest way is to fix it is to replace the upper board.
I would like to get one. Pls let me know about availability and cost.
Thank You

e-mail send.