DCC 170 No dig or analoge audio ater belt replacement

Hello all, I have a strange issue with my DCC170. After buying it in the 90’s I stored it and try using it again. The belt was gone and needed to be replaced. Thanks to the instruction video I was able to do it. The switch part is the hardest because you can’t see it clearly.

After finishing it was time to test the player. It starts, plays DCC tapes and recognizes analog tape or digital. Unfortunately no audio on the digital or analoge tape. It forward and Reverse are ok. Tape keeps “playing”.
What could be the cause? Thank you for your reply in advance.

These tapes I used for testing. Worked fine with my dcc600

If all the cables are connected correctly after the restore, it usually is either the head or pinch rollers.
In this case it might be the head or a problem on the main audio board, as you have no audio when even playing analog cassette.

I would love to test those demo tapes on our ITTS equipment.
Are you sure they have audio on it?

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Hello Ralph, the DCC tapes have audio and lyrics. I have tested them on my 951. Sent me a dm to discuss the testing of the tapes. Gr Roel

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Update: I fixed my DCC 170 by replacing all capacitors! Playing this mobile DCC brings back old memories. It is 1.30 AM and since there is nobody awake to share this with I send the message to you. My DCC player is still alive. Yes yes yes. For all those who try to fix their old device, it is possible. Regards to you all.