DCC-170 detection switch

Hi , I’m repairing my DCC-170 but screwed up the detection switch while (dis)assembling.
The two parts came lose and I’m not sure how to put it together again.

there is the part which is soldered on the PCD with the contacts, and some sort of frame with notches

there are two little notches in the small frame that came apart , one short one longer and I can’t remember:

-which notch is the left and right one
-how do the two flexible contact fit to the notches. Do they split around them , like 1 contact from and 1 back? do the 2 contact be on the same side of the notches?


Hi and Welcome,

Hope this video helps. At 3:10 there is a better shot of that switch.
The 175 and 170 have the same mechanism.

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thanks drdcc, it seems the shortest notch is left from viewing point. I already figured out the the complete frame with notches is behind the contacts so whatever part of the ACC/DCC tapes is pushing again that it’ll be just enough the have the contacts meet ;-). cheers fellow nerd. hahahaha