DCC 134 UK Repair

I have a DCC 134 (that came free alongside a purchase of a DCC 730) still boxed/untouched, and has literally never been used since testing post purchase in about 1996.

The DCC 730 essentially still works fine for the most part…the DCC 134 doesn’t!

I purchased a new battery and replacement belt from the DCC Museum for it, (assuming that one, or both, would solve the issue).

Regarding power, the battery says that it is “charging”, but outside of this no information is displayed and no tape (analogue nor digital), will play, but I am hoping that this is down to a faulty/broken belt, rather than another/different problem?

I had hoped that the belt change may be simple enough for me to attempt, until I saw the fantastic video that runs you through the entire process.
However, my soldering skills are appalling and I’m fearful/reticent to destroy yet another piece of electronic equipment due to my inadequacies, (having already ruined/destroyed musical equipment before).

With this in mind, is anyone aware of any UK based company (or a skilled/experienced individual), that would undertake the belt replacement/be able to service or fix it, should further issues occur that I’m not already aware of?

kind regards

Beezer (UK)

We are happy to help if you are willing to send it to the DCC Museum.
We do not have a reference in the UK, but a decent repair facility should be able to replace the belt.
It might become tricky with spare parts etc for them if anything else needs to be done.


Hi Ralf,
Many thanks for the information and offer. I’ll see whats available but potentially may end up sending it to you (if its not too cost prohibitive).

kind regards

Beezer (UK)

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