DCC 134 no DCC sound


I have bought a used DCC 134 not working. I changed the belt (compared to the 170 you don´t have to desolder the pins from the motor and the switches). But the DCC playback is not working. Analog playback is ok but a lot of wow and flutter. If you press “play” you see the tracktime and the absolute time but no sound.

I checked the service menu and found that the heads show FFFFFFFF. Regarding the AUX-data i get between 1 and 3.

I havn´t changed the smd caps because they look good.

Does anyone have a idea? I don´t think that the head is the problem as analog is playing well.

Thank you


The head could still be the problem, but I would start with replacing the capacitors.
If there is no sound In portables that is the best approach. I usually change the top board, to double check, but you might not have a donor.

Thank you for the fast response.

I don‘t have a donor board as the 134 is not so common. But I have a few 130 - can I use the heads (so I can swap the head unit)?

Thank you

I do not believe these heads are the same.