DCC-130 low quality capacitors


I restored 2 DCC-130 players the past time and what I noticed is that the volume is on both players very low. I suspected that the capacitors where this issue, and it turned out they where indeed the problem. The 220 uf SMD caps on the first board have lost there capacity and because of that the volume is very low. I restored old walkmans from the early 80’s that have no issues also on the DCC170 there are no issues with capacitors. The worst thing is that the electrolyte fluid that makes desolder not a easy task. Can anybody confirm these issues with the DCC130 players or was it just bad luck in my case?

Hi Tom,

Yes it has become a problem.

Since the last year, restoring the DCC130, Panasonic RQ-DP7 and Victor ZD-1 now includes complete recapping at the dccmuseum. 2 years ago we had never heard/seen this problem but the last year about 40% of the players we see, have this problem and in the end all will fail. The SMD caps are the same “quality” as used in the problematic stationary recorders (900/82/92/DC-10/2000).
So it should not be a surprise.

It starts by either low volume of no volume on one side of the headphone output.

There are no reports about DCC 134-170-175, but these are generally 3 years younger.


Ok this confirms my thoughts, good to know. In the future is will always recap these types of players!

Greets Tom

I have some DCC134 players. All of them had some leaking capacitors. I have replaced them all with new SMD’s. Next I will check my DCC170…
Kind regards, Erik