CSR8675 based Bluetooth APT X HD S/PDIF transmitter/receiver

Although it might be absurd to use a higher bitrate codec than on the DCC itself, it might be useful for some to have optical S/PDIF in and out via Bluetooth. Listening to DCC via my bluetooth headphones or flipping a switch and using the DAC of the DCC recoder to listen to Bluetooth audio on my stereo appeals to me. The quality via S/PDIF sounds perfect to me. Devices based on the chip usually have a battery, which means it could be used together with portable DCC recoders, the going price for finished devices is about USD 30.

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This is what I current use to connect my Panasonic portable DCC player and other devices to my TDK boom box. It has both transmit and receive modes. Works perfectly at high bit rates. Supports Bluetooth 5/ Qualcomm aptX /Dual Link.

ModuleFly EAN = 7433857319767 From Amazon.


Yes, same great chip but appearently no S/PDIF in and out exposed. I’m glad that if works for you, but for getting another one I suggest getting a model with S/PDIF, all of these also have a 3.5mm jack as your unit does and generally don’t cost more. I prefer keeping as much digital as possible, to avoid noise and unnecessary quality degradation.

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