Christmas Prize Draw at the DCC Museum

Christmas Prize Draw DCC Museum Home of the Digital Compact Cassette

In the latest video (already available for Patreons), we asked a question about our Christmas ornaments. Can you name the artists on this shelf, that did not release music on DCC? In the video there is a small hint.

The prize is a truly unique Digital Compact Cassette.

In 1992 a select group of people received a personal gift from DCC Inventor Gijs Wirtz. It was a signed copy, by Gijs, of the Lionel Richie album Back to Front.

We have one available for the lucky winner and will ship it worldwide.

What do you have to do? Send us a PM with your answer and we will randomly pick a winner on Thursday December 14th.

Happy Holidays

And the winner is… Philip van der Matten in the Netherlands.
Only Philip and Albert Balendran had the correct answer.

Cher and Willie Nelson never released on Digital Compact Cassette.

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Thanks Ralf!

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