Charger DCC130 to make suitable for NiMH battery pack

The charger of the DCC130 and Panasonic RQ-DP7 are standard made for NiCD battery pack.
If you want to keep your DCC portable original, then you need to replace the batteries and re-use the battery holder.
NiCD batteries are not available or difficult to find.
You can replace them with NiMH batteries with more capacity.
The problem is if you want to charge these batteries with the original charger the NiMH battery pack cannot withstand the high charging current.
There is a solution for this problem by mounting NiMH charging pcb which regulates the charging current.
Disconnect the green led from the existing pcb by interrupting print tracks and re-connect with the NiMH pcb.
Remove the smd led on the NiMH pcb.


Thank You for your input !
I thnk several sellers sell refurbished Batteries which contaijn NIMH cells . I have one and have been puzzled about the temperature when charging.
In your post there is description of a NIMH board but no seller and no circuit description of the needed modifications. From what I have learned you have to replace one pcb with one from this unknown seller and make other flying modifications as pictured… So pls let us know what should be done to modify the chargers. I hope they will work with nicd too then.

It is not necessary to replace a PCB on the charger.
I’ve found the NiMH board at AliExpress:
Connect the wires as shown on the pictures.

For the green LED, two copper traces must be interrupted (see picture).
The white wire must be connected to the new PCB (see picture).
The negative side of the LED with a resistor of 180 Ohm to the middle terminal of the external connector.

The Charger will be still usable for NiCd batteries but charching time will be longer.
If you prefer a circuit diagram please let me know.

Dear Gert,

Many thanks for your clarification !!

Unfortunately I cannot order the board because Austria as a whole country is locked out of Aliexpress so no delivery from there.

Beside that I would have to order ten of the boards .

Thank You


I Can send you one PCB by post.
I received also 10 PCB’s and used 4 for my own chargers.
It is no problem for me to prepair one for you with wires etc.