Cassette catalog release addition - Claudio Abbado

I noticed that the release below is not in the Museum’s catalog yet @jorn . Not the most exciting title ever published but it may be of interest to you to add it to the catalog the museum maintains:

-Artist: Claudi Abbado (conductor)
-Title: Bolero
-Label: Deutsche Grammophon
-Number: 439 247-5


Are we allowed to use your picture in the database until we obtain a copy?

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Hi Max, yes it would be my pleasure.

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Hi @Willem. Thanks for sharing. We have added it to our database. It will not be shown on the website until @rolf will do an update when he gets back from vacation.

If you are willing to make this title available to the dcc museum, we would love to acquire it.


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Hi @ralf when I have a duplicate of a release I am happy to make it available. Unfortunately I only have one copy of this release so far, which holds true for most of my collection, single copies only.

At the same time I like the hunt for DCC releases so when I am stumbling on one I will get it for the museum.



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Hi @Willem Thanks! Apologies for the slow response, but the tape and its cover is added to the website: .

If you have more, keep 'em coming!

Cheers, Rolf